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The Washingtonville - Blooming Grove 9/11 Benefit Fund is a sub-comittee of the "Washingtonville 5 - Firefighter Monument Committee". The WBGNY 9/11 Committee is in the planning stages of constructing a monument to honor the memory of the growing number of 9/11 rescue and recovery workers who are dying as a result of their post 9/11 illnesses. This monument will be placed in the Washingtonville Memorial Park on Ahearn Blv. near the original “Washingtonville 5 Firefighter Monument” that was originally dedicated in 2002. 

We will be planning a Fundraising Event in the coming months for this new monument and appreciate all of the donations for both the Washingtonville 5 monument as well as the new construction. For those wishing to donate to restore the original monument from the vandalism that took place in early July, please visit the donation page for more info on how to make your donation. 

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